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    Listen | Build | Solve
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    We specialize in using the latest web technologies to
    create easy to use enterprise level applications.
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    We can help your business climb to its highest potential.
    We will LISTEN, then BUILD, and SOLVE your toughest business problems.


No one knows your business better than you. We perform critical listening so that we can understand all the variables which affect your business processes.


We are career software engineers, comitted to developing world-class software solutions based on the principles of sound design, best practices and commitment to excellence.


At Atlasient, we do not simply write software. We build solutions to our customers' business and mission challenges.

Our Services

Software Engineering

We have over 35 years experience designing, developing and delivering mission applications for the federal government and industry.

Data Visualization

Atlasient leads in the latest agile web technologies to deliver well-designed, highly visual and interactive web applications. Highly visual, superior designed dashboards and data utilities provide comprehensive, actionable business intelligence based on empirical data.

Business Process Automation

Atlasient specializes in automating traditional business processes, providing uniformity and reducing variance in your workflow. Automation of traditionally manual processes ensures your business remains predictable under normal and exigent circumstances.

Integration with Enterprise Cloud Services

Atlasient is a leader in the integration of modern web applications and cloud technologies under IC governance. We have helped our DoD customers shape the policies and procedures as these cloud services have emerged. We are leaders in their use and implementation to design, develop and deploy software solutions for the IC.

We are Atlasient

Atlasient is a software engineering firm focused primarily on advanced web application development
and user interface design. Our core competencies include the latest in ultra-fast,
agile web technologies to quickly architect, design, implement and deliver dashboards and
data visualization solutions for mission managers and leadership.

Our Mission

Atlasient specializes in the latest agile web technologies to deliver well-designed,
highly visual and interactive web applications that provide solutions to real-world
business automation challenges.

Innovation Leader

At Atlasient, we are professionals committed to the craft of software and systems engineering. We believe that our understanding of software, data visualization and business process automation are the tools we leverage to craft solutions to business and mission problems. We distinguish ourselves by leveraging experience and creativity to build solutions that solve the known, anticipate the unasked questions and provide our customers with empirical, data-supported understanding required to master their business.

“...the sight of an achievement was the greatest gift a human being could offer to others.”

- Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand -


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